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Barrierefreiheit betriebswirtschaftlicher Anwendungen

Accessibility for Enterprise Software

The accessibility of business software is for many professions a prerequisite for the successful integration of disabled persons into the labor market. There exists already several guidelines that can be used to create barrier free web-pages. But business software differs from more or less static web-pages concerning intensity of use, complexity and interactivity. These differences cause several additional requirements concerning an accessible design, that are not completely addressed in current accessibility guidelines. We demonstrate special issues and attempts to solve them using the example of a customer relationship management web application. We will discuss which groups of disabled users must be considered in the design phase, how we can achieve and measure efficiency for disabled users and which special design issues result from the high information density and interactivity of business software. In addition, we will discuss organizational aspects and positive effects of accessible design concerning the general usability of an application.

Presentation by Annett Hardt, Martin Schrepp
9:40am to 10:10am on Thursday, May 27, 2010