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Neue Interaktion für alte Medien

A new way to interact with "old" media: Gesture-based, touch-free interaction with digitized books

Libraries and archives around the world securely preserve unique works including old books and medieval manuscripts. On the one hand such storage procedure is necessary to protect them from decay. On the other hand this also locks these precious cultural assets away from the public, no matter if you are an expert or a layman. Even if these treasures of our history are exhibited to the public from time to time, the potential for the presentation as well as the interaction with such exhibits are very limited. Usually the user / visitor only sees two pages of an opened book which is secured in a display case and of course can not be browsed. In collaboration with the Munich Digitization Centre/Digital Library of the Bavarian State Library and the company Microbox we developed a solution that eliminates these restrictions. It is the BSB-Explorer, an installation which allows users a contact-free, gestural interaction with digital 3D models of books. For this purpose, several technical and conceptual hurdles had to be overcome. Suitable and natural gestures were derived from user studies and expert evaluations. The vision-based detection software has been extended to these gestures and made robust for practical use. In this paper we present our sequence of operations, problems encountered and our solutions for these challenges.

Presentation by Paul Chojecki , David Przewozny
2:05pm to 2:35pm on Wednesday, May 26, 2010