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Mental Model – eine Methode zur Untersuchung und Visualisierung von User Verhalten und Unternehmensangebot

Mental Model – Aligning Design Strategy with Human Behavior

The method of the Mental Model belongs to the generative methods of the User Centered Designs and was developed by Indi Young- one of the founders of Adaptive Path. Explorative interviews, similar to those in ethnographic studies, are held with members of the core target groups. The topic of the interviews depend on the questions of the specific client. It is however important, that the topic is covered in general, and non-product-specific, in the interview. In a detailed analysis, the interviews are evaluated in terms of behavior, philosophy and emotions. A diagram which shows a synthesis of the mental models of all interviewed persons to the main themes is then created. The identified behavior patterns as well as the underlying motivations can then be aligned with the company’s products, the features of a product or the content of a website. By this method, new market opportunities as well as innovative potential can be identified. Furthermore, a high-level information architecture can be created, or personas can be developed, based on a Mental Model.

Presentation by Karen Lindemann
4:40pm to 5:10pm on Wednesday, May 26, 2010