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When Stakes are High: Getting stakeholder buy-in for UX research projects

A workshop for experienced practitioners who wish to share selling, collaboration, and communication techniques for working with stakeholders

You must have worked with difficult stakeholders before, during, and after UX studies. Did you deal with people who don't respect UX processes? Are people bought-in to your research? This workshop is designed for experienced practitioners who wish to share their knowledge and make sure their research impacts their stakeholders.

Workshop by Tomer Sharon (Google)
Advanced Practitioners (AP)
2:40pm to 6:00pm on Wednesday, June 22, 2011
Position Paper:
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About the Workshop

Introduction (10 minutes)

  • Presentation of workshop facilitator
  • Attendee introductions
  • Workshop outline
  • Goals
  • Participation expectations

Selling user research to stakeholders (45 minutes)

  • Types of stakeholders
  • Attendee stories about difficult stakeholders
  • Group exercise: dealing with difficult situations
  • Group presentations
  • Difficult people and teams: Fight or flight?

Break (15 minutes)

Collaborating with stakeholders (55 minutes)

  • Group brainstorm sessions:
  1. Collaborative planning artifacts
  2. Interacting with users together
  3. Analyzing results together
  • Brainstorm result presentations

Communicating research results (50 minutes)

  • Discussion: Usability reports are dead
  • Reporting techniques
  • Discussion: Communicating bad news
  • Presentation techniques
  • Other communication tools

Summary (5 minutes)