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Creating an Experience-Driven Strategy

Creating and using capstone statements to articulate, evangelize, and adhere to your strategy.

Too often, projects are defined by symptomatic success metrics rather than driven by an articulate, customer-focused strategy.

This workshop will demonstrate proven techniques for achieving innovation, meaning, and differentiation by creating and adhering to a unifying capstone statement.

Workshop by Dante Murphy (Digitas Health), Georgia Spangenberg (Digitas Health)
Usability Fundamentals (UF)
2:40pm to 6:00pm on Wednesday, June 22, 2011
Position Paper:
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About the Workshop

The introduction of the workshop will define a capstone statement and provide examples from actual client work.

To illustrate note-taking, participants will be asked to respond to a scripted situation provided by the facilitator through the eyes of one of their prepared personas using the provided template. The template illustrates the way observations are classified and gives cues as to what actions and attributes should be recorded.

During synthesis, the notes will be processed using affinity mapping and Delphic card-sorting techniques suitable for very large data sets.

Following a short break, participants will be coached on how to apply their insights to creating a solution-oriented scenario for each of their personas.

The facilitator will then demonstrate how to convert these scenarios to a capstone statement in an interactive exercise, which participants will then emulate to create their own capstones. Each group will then present their capstone and scenarios to their peers for a constructive critique.

The facilitator will then demonstrate how to extract and prioritize tactics and a phased release schedule from a sample capstone as part of another interactive exercise.

The session will close with a presentation of resources and the opportunity for any final questions.