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Principled Interface and Interaction Design

How-to instruction in applying the most useful of interface and interaction design principles in your designs. Learn to analyze trade-offs, explore a

This interface and interaction design tutorial is geared toward people new to the field, as well as those with some experience, to provide an opportunity to focus your design skills by concentrating on the key principles that matter most. Hands-on design activities give you the opportunity to apply these design fundamentals to real-world scenarios and consider design rationale and trade-offs.

You will work in small teams in this highly interactive tutorial to provide you the opportunity to collaborate and learn from each other and other teams as you explore viable design solutions. A brief usability study will give you an opportunity to see how others perceive your design. Activities are designed to keep everyone engaged and encourage discussion in an open and collaborative learning environment.

Design happens whether you put any concerted thought into it, or not. This tutorial is all about applying the tried and true fundamental principles as the basis for thought that goes into your design decisions.

Tutorial by Ken Becker
Usability Fundamentals (UF)
9:00am to 5:00pm on Tuesday, June 21, 2011

About the Tutorial


  • Introduce the most frequently useful design principles and related design patterns with illustrative examples.
  • Class activity to analyze several interface examples from the perspective of the key design principles, plus explore some alternative design solutions in similar spaces.
  • Discuss design trade-offs, rationale and alternative approaches.
  • Redesign activity with small teams sketching a redesign of 2-3 screens from a web site.
  • Review design rationale and trade-offs and discuss the challenges of applying design principles in the redesign activity.
  • New design activity with small teams based on a simple real-life scenario. Gather feedback on design in brief usability study.
  • Wrap-up with review of student perspectives and experience with key principles.