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Research in Practices: Recent Findings that Usability Professionals should know about

Findings UX professionals should know about

Feel like you are falling behind in your UX research reading? Research in Practice will help.

This annually presented / updated seminar identifies and reviews key and recent findings that extend the core UX body of knowledge and inform user centered design and methods.

Critically, we then bridge the gap between research and practice with hands-on exercises that concretely demonstrate how to apply the findings to real design problems.

When you leave the session you will make more informed research and design decisions. And you will be able to speak about them more authoritatively.

Tutorial by Kath Straub (Usability.org), Veronica Hinkle (State Farm)
Advanced Practitioners (AP)
9:00am to 5:00pm on Tuesday, June 21, 2011

About the Tutorial

relevance to UX practitioners. This allows them to update their broad knowledge of key and critical findings in the field in an expedient and cost effective way. Our goal, however, is not simply to race through studies. It is to discuss and practice the application of the findings to real design problems in real time.

Participants should leave the session •Feeling more up-to-date on recent research •Understanding how to apply recent research in their own practice •Armed with studies they can cite (and materials they can refer back to) to back up their research, methods and design decisions.