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Integrating with Agile: Advanced Techniques

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Improve UX work in an Agile environment.

Advanced workshop where we will explore usability techniques that integrate well in an Agile environment and the timing for integrating those techniques. We will discuss common team issues such as working remotely and additional advanced issues based on the attendees position papers.

Workshop by Carol J. Smith (Perficient, Inc.), Thyra Rauch (IBM)
Advanced Practitioners (AP)
2:40pm to 6:00pm on Wednesday, June 22, 2011
Position Paper:
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About the Workshop

Attendees at this session will explore: • Usability techniques that work in Agile environments. • Usability techniques that could be adapted to work in Agile environments. • When and how those techniques can best be integrated into projects. • Working with the team, and working remotely.

The goal for this session is for participants to share the techniques and methods that are, or are not working for them, the issues they have and any other issues of interest to the participants.

We would like attendees to come away with a set of best practices and for the group to be able to present our findings to the UPA audience at a later time.

Agenda Presentation of topic, introduction of speakers 2 min Review of Position Papers 25 min Agenda Review 3 min Topic 1 25 min Topic 2 25 min Break 15 min Topic 3 30 min Topic 4 30 min Final Discussion & Closing 20 min

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