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Brainstorming and Beyond: Ideation, Innovation, and Insight


Every company wants to be seen as an ideation leader, an innovation exemplar, and a source of quantum leap insights that will yield greater profits and technological superiority.

Books, articles, and blogs are rife with suggestions (and sometimes promises) about how a company can become an innovation leader – hire creative people, reward failure, set goals for innovation, think out of the box, use metaphor, give people breaks to work on things they are passionate about, and employ biomimicry. Just how valid are these suggestions? This talk will examine methods and best practices about ideation, innovation, and insight using a skeptic’s scalpel and a triangulation toolkit. After the talk, a list of innovation patterns and best practices culled from multiple sources will be available.

Presentation by Chauncey E. Wilson (Autodesk, Inc.)
Usability Fundamentals (UF)
9:00am to 10:00am on Friday, June 24, 2011