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Toward usable usability research: Building bridges between research and practice


Practitioners want to keep up with current research, but for a variety of reasons they simply can’t. Researchers want to influence practice, but often don’t know how to reach practitioners.

In this workshop we

· explore the barriers that keep practitioners from being active and effective consumers of basic research

· Identify actions that both researchers and practitioners can take to make research more accessible, relevant and actionable in practice.

The goal of this workshop is to define What practitioners’ need.

For practitioners: Join the focus group! What keeps you out of the literature? What needs to change to make reading research possible and worth it?

For researchers: Listen to your audience! What do practitioners need to know? How do they need to hear it? How can you frame, present or disseminate your (current!) work to engage and influence practitioners?

Workshop by Kath Straub (, Elizabeth Buie (Luminanze Consulting, LLC), Susan Dray (Dray & Associates, Inc.)
Advanced Practitioners (AP)
2:40pm to 6:00pm on Wednesday, June 22, 2011
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