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Social & Public Interfaces

Design for Inclusive Living

Socio-Cultural interfaces are all those points of contact that a community makes with services provided by governments, businesses and organisations and amongst themselves. These deal with cultural, social, educational and some localized universal parameters.

Usability goes beyond technology to fields of anthropology, sociology & psychology where design is playing a significant role. New approaches are needed to meet the aspirations of diverse groups through an understanding of their socio-cultural preferences.

Design opportunities exist for inclusive public services in transportation, banking & finance, healthcare, governance, infrastructure and education & entertainment just to name some for the delivery of sustainable services at an affordable cost. The internet and ubiquitous mobile telephony represent untapped opportunities that will be outlined and discussed at the end of the lecture.

Presentation by M P Ranjan (National Institute of Design)
11:40am to 12:40pm on Friday, June 24, 2011