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Lab Tour at the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech

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Graphics, Visualization, and Usability (GVU) Center at Georgia Tech Tour

Visit Georgia Tech's GVU (Graphics, Visualization, and Usability) Center to get a glimpse of cutting edge research in human-centered computing. Students and professors at the GVU Center are enabling social change as they use an interdisciplinary approach to pursue "unlocking human potential through technical innovation".

The research conducted here leads to innovations that will have a positive impact on people and societies, changing them for the better. This research includes projects such as

  •    the Aware Chair, an intelligent wheelchair controlled by brain signals.
  •    a computer game that helps deaf children learn sign language.
  •    methods for early diagnosis and treatment of autism.
  •    mobile video kiosks to help the citizens of Liberia share stories of healing and reconciliation.
  •    the Accessible Aquarium, designed to help individuals with impaired vision experience aquariums.

On this visit you will meet GVU faculty and students. You will be inspired by demos of their work and learn how they are changing the world. You will have the opportunity to discuss your reactions and questions with the students and professors.

To learn more about the GVU Center visit www.gvu.gatech.edu.

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2:40pm to 6:00pm on Wednesday, June 22, 2011