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Practical Statistics for User Research

Solutions to common questions in Usability Testing, Surveys, A/B Testing and Benchmarking

Make better decisions with user research. Is Design A more efficient than Design B? Do more users convert on the new design? Is our Net Promoter Score statistically better than last year? Learn to use and interpret the right statistical tests on small and large sample user-data using just Excel.

Tutorial by Jeff Sauro (Oracle), James Lewis (IBM)
Advanced Practitioners (AP)
9:00am to 5:15pm on Monday, June 04, 2012

About the Tutorial

Measurement is important but statistics can be intimidating. In this course we will present approachable concepts and lots of hands on examples for generating statistical solutions to common questions in user research. The presentation includes many graphical representations, videos and an Excel calculator that includes a "What test do I use?" decision tree.

We will cover:
-- A Visual Review of the Fundamentals of Statistics & Usability Measurement
-- Working with Confidence Intervals
-- Comparing two interfaces (A/B) testing for Small & Large Samples
-- Determine if a usability test task has met or exceeded a goal
-- Calculating Power & Sample Sizes

Our aim is to increase both your statistical ability and confidence so you can make better decisions with data.