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Conducting Quick Check Testing to Get User Feedback

How to Gather User Feedback Quickly and Cheaply

Ask a project manager if he has time for usability testing, and most will laugh. Usability testing is increasingly being seen as expensive and impractical for fast-moving, budget-sensitive projects. Yet usability testing holds so much value. Come learn about conducting quick check testing, a way to gather useful feedback quickly and cheaply, even in Agile environments. While it has roots in "hallway testing," you can conduct quick check testing without a hallway, with or without moderators, in person or online, and adapt to many other variables as needed. Hear how one organization ran with the idea after learning about it at one such conference session and the value they discovered.

Presentation by Kate Walser (CX Insights), Jonathan Rubin (U.S. General Services Administration)
3:00pm to 4:00pm on Tuesday, June 05, 2012