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Leading Projects & Teams with Storyboards

An interesting, informative and creative method to lead teams and keep everyone on track and well informed.

How do storyboards fit in within an organizational structure? Why do they work so well with so many different people? Why is storyboarding becoming the leading tool for leaders? How can you add this extremely powerful communication tool to your leadership tool kit, even if you are inexperienced in drawing? These and many other questions will be answered and discussed in this fast-paced tutorial.

Tutorial by Ron Sova (Sova Consulting Group, LLC), Deb Sova (Sova Consulting Group, LLC)
Usability Fundamentals (UF)
9:00am to 5:15pm on Monday, June 04, 2012

About the Tutorial

In this session we will be explaining and discussing the many ways that creating and using Storyboards can be used as a communication tool in the business environment and beyond. This tutorial will cover:
1. What is a storyboard
2. Storyboards - a Leaders Tool
3. How to create a Storyboard
4. Basic drawing techniques
5. Alternatives to drawing the Storyboard
6. Advanced Storyboard techniques
7. Incorporating Storyboards into your process/group/company
(the "politics" of Storyboards)
8. Additional Information (References)

Throughout the tutorial, attendees will be working individually and in groups on the entire storyboarding process. By the end of the tutorial, they will have created their own storyboards and will have experience with the creation and use of storyboards in a work atmosphere.