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Developing a UX Lead Program

- enable a successful user experience from ideation to deployment

Is UX taken seriously throughout your organization? Want your design team to have greater influence? We'll show you how to elevate your designers' tools, capabilities, and stature by developing a UX Lead program so you can provide leadership at every step of the way.

Tutorial by Craig Peters (Awasu Design), Richard Charette (Wells Fargo)
Advanced Practitioners (AP)
9:00am to 5:15pm on Monday, June 04, 2012

About the Tutorial

Pre-determined Goals. Participants in this tutorial will:

• Understand why UX professionals should get involved earlier in the product lifecycle
• Understand the pain points that many organizations experience that lead to a reduction in effectiveness and leadership
• Understand how improving the tools and capabilities of UX Designers can help platform the team to have more influence from concepting and defining product requirements through launch
• See how User Experience Lead programs - where members of your UX team function as "Leads" on projects - have been implemented in other organizations
• Learn a step-by-step approach of how to develop a UX Lead program at your organization
• Learn what it means to be an effective UX Lead; skills, materials, and ways of being
• Learn about pitfalls, mistakes and lessons learned so you don't repeat them
• Detail related pain points that participants' organizations are experiencing
• Understand, discuss, and define what leadership means in their UX organization

Participant-determined Goals. We will do our best to address your specific needs in the tutorial.