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Content Strategy: Up to the Test!

Is content strategy up to the test--and are you testing the right things? Think bigger than just labels. Gain insight to content strategy processes to evaluate quality, from the message architecture and content audit through user feedback. Gain the savvy to bring this new thinking into your own process.

Half Day Tutorial by Margot Bloomstein (Appropriate, Inc.)
6:00pm to 9:30pm on Monday, June 04, 2012

About the Half Day Tutorial

You've heard of content strategy, but is it up to the test? And if you submit your content to usability testing, are you testing the right things? This is bigger than learning about labels and confirming calls to action--so strap in for an exciting evening. We've got a lot to discuss! Gain insight to content strategy processes and learn how to evaluate quality in the eyes of your target audience. Learn how--and why--to establish a hierarchy of communication goals in a message architecture with a hands-on exercise. Test out a basic content audit to evaluate content quantitatively and qualitatively. Draw on user feedback to determine content needs and next steps for content creation. Learn how to inform your work with an air-tight approach to better user experiences--and why no organization can afford to avoid content strategy. You'll leave with the confidence and savvy to bring content strategy thinking into your own process.