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Putting UX Design at the Core of Brand Building

How UX design can build emotional connections and brand loyalty online across all digital mediums

In the world of user experience design we have seen that customers create strong emotional bonds with brands but not with new technologies or web sites. With UX as the foundation of every online experience and the visual design serving only as the decoration why isn't UX design an integral part of the brand building experience? How can it create strong connections with consumers through the use of psychology and emotion?

In this tutorial Stephen Gates, the Senior Creative Director for Global Brand Design at Starwood Hotels & Resorts will provide you all the answers by showing you the insights and concepts he has spent years developing so you you can apply them to your own work. The tutorial will also use in-depth case studies to look at work that has been created for their nine design lead lifestyle brands including W Hotels, Westin, Sheraton and St. Regis that have been able to merge unique brand building experiences with their e-commerce sites, online advertising, social media channels, mobile web sites and mobile applications.

To prove that these concepts really work and that this should the new frontier in UX design a 45 minute preview of this tutorial was recently given to the New York City UPA Chapter and the audience gave it with the highest score of any session ever given to that chapter.

Half Day Tutorial by Stephen Gates (Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide)
9:00am to 12:30pm on Friday, June 08, 2012

About the Half Day Tutorial

About the Half Day Tutorial

Brand building 101

  • The brand funnel vs. the loop
  • What defines a brand?
  • What characteristics do you need to define?
  • How does this translate into user experience lead brand building?
  • Explore several in-depth case studies

Web site design

  • How to marry a branded experience with transactional or functional content
  • Bringing a brands core positioning to life through UX design
  • How to create unique, on brand transactional UX experiences with no buttons or form fields
  • Multiple advanced techniques to infuse physiology and emotion into your UX web design
  • Globalization is more than just translating your text into another language
  • The hidden emotional vs. rational consumer transaction cycle
  • How to take advantage of the fact that user experience transaction models have gone editorial
  • Testing and prototyping - you can learn a lot in a lobby
  • Explore several in-depth case studies

Online advertising

  • The role of UX in online advertising
  • Brand building through big and small user experiences
  • The overlooked power of micro communities
  • Explore several in-depth case studies

Social media

  • How social media has been woven into the fabric of society
  • Defining experiential currency and why does it drive everything in social media
  • The three behavioral trigers that make people bond to social media communities
  • How to you create user experiences that leverage the three triggers and experiential currency
  • Advertising vs. infrastructure lead experiences
  • Explore several in-depth case studies

Mobile web and mobile apps

  • Why you need yo reverse tradition UX thinking for mobile and beyond
  • An in-depth look at the new concept of state-aware UX design
  • How to create user branded experiences that work across all mobile devices
  • When to build your brand on mobile web vs. a mobile app
  • Explore several in-depth case studies

Team building and process

  • How to make UX the branding superstar of your organization?
  • How to sell instead of just present