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Opening Keynote: How Innovation Works

Companies need to be innovative in order to thrive. How do you foster a culture of innovation? How do you sustain innovative thinking? Can the return on innovation be measured? Learn more about innovation and how to empower employees at all levels to be innovative.

Bilson is vice president of global design and usability and technology support operations within Pitney Bowes' Global Mailing Solutions Engineering department. Her team of 50 people includes graphic designers and human factor engineers who do everything from sketching and building prototypes to assessing needs, testing new products and letting people interact with products.

Prior to Pitney Bowes, Bilson worked at Kodak where she helped deliver the award-winning Picturemaker, a photo kiosk that is often found in drugstores.

Bilson holds a degree in industrial design from the University of Michigan, has two patents, and is credited as being the first black woman in the nation to hold an executive position to lead a design and usability department within a major corporation.

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