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The German UPA Chapter and the UX Market: Small country, many members - How typical German is that?

By playing with clichés, Henning will introduce "the" German UX professional in his environment and tries to answer why this small nation has one of the biggest UPA chapters. The presentation will provide an overview about past, present and future of the UX market in Germany and how the GC-UPA takes strong influence on it. After a brief history of the GC-UPA, Henning will cover present chapter activities and take a look toward strategic goals for the future. Special emphasis of the presentation will be the positioning of the German UX professionals market for national and international practitioners.

Henning Brau is a senior UX engineer and author of various scientific publications in the fields of usability, user experience, change management and technology acceptance, including his widely acknowledged 2006 book on methods of usability evaluation (german). He received his Masters Degree in engineering psychology 2002 at the Technical University of Berlin, Germany. In 2003 he joined the german chapter of the UPA (GC-UPA) and was elected Vice-President in 2007. Currently he is responsible for the internal process and tool optimization for the GC-UPA and one of the main-organizers of the annual Usability Professionals conference.

Henning began his career as a freelancing market and usability researcher for various german consultant houses before joining the Daimler research and technology department as a usability and requirements engineer. Since 2006 he is university lecturer in Hamburg and Krefeld (both Germany) for HMI and usability. 2007 he became the chief responsible for user centred technologies at Daimler Group Research and Advanced Engineering. Henning led various IT driven change management projects, focusing on digital production planning as well as VR and AR technologies.

Henning is keen on promoting usability and requirements engineering as core competencies for vital and efficient organizational change. His motto is "Designing technologies means designing organizations".

Invited Speaker Henning "Henning" Brau Usability perspectives for General