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Closing Speaker: Ethnographic Research: Bringing You Face-to-Face with Customers in Natural Environments

Kathy Berke serves as a Senior Researcher for Dell Incorporated. In her current role, Kathy is responsible for providing research insights to the Global Online teams by conducting Usability Studies, Focus Groups, Online Surveys, and Ethnographic Research.

Kathy joined Dell in 1997 as part of Dell's legal organization. She has since served in various roles that have focused on the Voice of the Customer, including managing the Global Customer Advisory Councils across all products lines. The councils focused on features and functionalities for the next generation of products in the enterprise space, as well as new product desires.

Prior to Dell Incorporated, Kathy served at Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) for approximately eight years. Her last role at AMD was as part of a core team that brought the Dresden, Germany fabrication facility from concept into production mode.

Having spent 23 years in the technology industry, the last ten focusing on primary research, Ms. Berke has a first-hand, in-depth understanding from the customer's perspective across various cultures and customer segments.

In November of 2007, Kathy conducted Ethnographic Research with a set of consumers, small businesses, and medium businesses working side-by-side with an external vendor. The research focused on how customers use their computers in their homes, home offices, and professional office environments.

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