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Usability and Organizational Strategies

This interactive session includes a presentation and open discussion covering our experiences, observations, and recommendations for maximizing usability presence and impact within an organization. Our combined experience comprises direct usability services at several Fortune 500 corporations as well as consulting usability services for well-known (but unnamed) web-based enterprises. Using three or four common models for delivery of usability services, we suggest ways that usability practices and personnel can influence organizational change and development. We show how efforts to catalog, organize, and publish usability practices and results can better – Contribute to enterprise strategy – Shape and change corporate culture – Impact a range of company segments and activities such as o product design and development o delivery of service o marketing, sales, and customer relations o account management The presentation offers methods to – Classify your organization’s usability model and corporate communications network – Assess usability maturity within your organization – Choose the usability strategies suited for your business goals – Collate and analyze related research and design efforts – Integrate usability with core business 90 Minute Presentation by Maggie "Maggie" Reilly, Doug Baker Managing User Experience for Advanced Practitioners (AP)