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Applied Design Principles for Rich Web Interactions

Rich Internet Applications (RIA), initially gaining attention on Web 2.0 sites, are now touching everyone's Web experience. While the dynamic and flexible interactions can help improve the user experience and also accessibility, understanding how to apply new techniques to your own designs becomes more complex. To add to the complexity, Web applications are increasingly sharing data and asking users to tag content for meaning? So what are the design challenges and considerations? This tutorial distills years of direct, applied experience designing and testing Rich Internet Applications. You get hands-on experience of new interaction techniques, along with practical checklists for when to use certain technologies, pitfalls to avoid, and what needs to be part of your design spec or test protocols. But that is only half the story. Along with RIA controls and interfaces, you will learn about designing for the content and tagging issues arising from Web 2.0 shared data and the Semantic Web. More information about this tutorial. PDF file Tutorial by Kate "Kate" Walser, Duane Degler, Ann Chadwick-Dias, Marguerite Bergel New Approaches, Methods, or Technologies for General