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Managing a Corporate User Experience Group

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Senior Managers of User Experience groups face challenges in keeping these groups running effectively. While we often talk about ROI and positioning, we don’t often dig into the important daily issues. Join other senior functional owners to share best practices in employee development, staff allocation, and group planning. Workshop by Mary Beth "Mary Beth" Rettger Managing User Experience for
Position Paper:
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Position Paper

Should you choose to register for this session, you will need to complete a position paper. Workshops have limited attendence. In order to select attendees who can best contribute to the discussion, the session presenters will select attendees based on your position paper.

The template contains instructions for filling in the various areas. Provide information about what background and interests you have that are relevant to the session topic.

Save the form in Word or RTF format with a filename that has your last name followed by ”_position_paper”. For example, Smith_position_paper.rtf.

Position Paper template:

The due date for the Position Paper is May 1, 2008 .

Please send your completed document to the session leader identified via email when you registered.

The session leader will notify you of your acceptance status to the workshop and then the registration office, will complete the registration process.

If you are not accepted, you will be able to register for a tutorial. For instance, if you registered during our Early Registration period but were not accepted to the workshop, you could register for any open Tutorial paying the Early Registration price.

If you have questions about this, please contact