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Combining the Qual. and the Quant. in Web 2.0

Combining the Qual. and the Quant. in Web 2.0 - Holistic User Experience Research- A toolkit to measure and improve today's online experience. This session is a follow on from the highly popular 90 minute paper delivered at UPA June 2007. It looks at web analytics packages, surveys and other solutions in combination with standard field research and usability methods to feed into a one page dashboard of the "State of User Experience" for a website. Hear directly from E-Commerce Directors on exclusive video footage for UPA 2008. Learn how to incontrovertibly improve the user experience, thereby generating more revenue per consumer. In Web 2.0 it's all about the experience! More information about this tutorial. PDF file Tutorial by Catriona Y. "Catriona" Campbell, David Bomphrey Managing User Experience for General