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Moving Users' Cheese: Designing a New Navigation System For An Old Desktop Software Product

How do you redesign the navigation and refresh the user interface for a business application that hasn’t seen substantial change in almost 10 years? Furthermore, what do you do when you discover that the “install base?, the long-time users, don’t *want* the product to change…but new customers very much do want it to be different? This case study describes how we conducted a three-part and used a variety of techniques to redesign of the UI and navigation model for a desktop accounting software product. In this presentation we discuss the findings of our discovery research, participatory design activities, and iterative low-fidelity usability tests. We also our share lessons learned and best practices, and provide opportunities for attendees to share as well. 90 Minute Presentation by Jodi Sherman, Paul Sherman, Cassandra Swint Case Studies for General